JANUARY Lesson: "Preserved Roses & Shola Flowers"

Receptacle: Ceramic Boat-Shape Container , 1/2 Dry Floral Foam Brick
Flowers: Preserved Roses, Stabilized Hortensia, Dried Silver Brunia and Handmade Shola Flowers: Shola Belly and Shola Kamal
Greens: Preserved Ruscus Leaves

FEBRUARY Lesson - "Flower Cake"

Receptacle: Plastic Round Container , 2,5  Floral Foam Bricks
Flowers: Chrysanthemum, Carnation, Hypericum, Skimia
Greens: Aspidistra Leaves
Accessories: Satin Ribbon

MARCH Lesson - "Floral Sushi"

Receptacle: floral foam cubes covered with Aspidistra
Flowers: Tulips, Buttercups, Skimmia
Greens: Aspidistra, Galax, Pittosporum, Steel Grass
Accessories: Decorative Ribbon

APRIL Lesson - "Easter Garden"

Receptacle: rectangular rattan basket, 1 Floral Foam Brick
Flowers: Tulip, Freesia, Viburnum, Carnation
Greens: Aralia, Ruscus, Willow
Accessories: feathers and eggs

MAY Lesson: "Nido di Peonie" (The Nest of Peony)

Receptacle: rattan basket covered with salim , 1/2 Floral Foam Brick
Flowers: Peony, Hortensia, Rose, Celosia, Cimbidium
Greens: Aralia, Ruscus, Aspidistra, Strelizia Stem, Steel Grass

JUNE Lesson: Marine Arrangement

Receptacle: round glass plate , 1/8 Color Floral Foam
Flowers: Rose
Greens: Steel Grass
Accessories: shells and sea-stars, branches, rattan, moss,  thread based candle-holders

JULY Advanced Lesson - "Wedding Bouquet in Oasis Bouquet Holder"

Receptacle: Oasis Bouquet Holder
Flowers: Rose, Skimia, Freesia, Gypsophila
Greens: Aspidistra
Accessories: Satin Robbon, Decorative Pearl Pins

AUGUST Lesson - "Exotic Flowers and Fruits"

Receptacle: drained big ananas , 3/4 Floral Foam Brick
Flowers: Strelizia, Cimbidium, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Gloriosa
Greens: Aralia, Ruscus, Aspidistra, Calathea

SEPTEMBER Lesson: "Hotel's Entrance Arrangement"

Receptacle: 3 round glass vases (different hights and dimiters), 2 Floral Foam Bricks
Flowers: Leucospermum
Greens: Philodendron Congo Rojo, Aspidistra
Accessories: Arecaceae, liana

OCTOBER Lesson: "Blooming Pumpkins"

Receptacle: drained medium size pumpkin , 1/2 Floral Foam Brick
Flowers: Rose, Buttercup, Chrysanthemum, Freesia, Mini Peppers
Greens: Aralia, Ruscus, Aspidistra, Strelizia Stem

NOVEMBER Lesson: "Advent Wreath"

Receptacle: Rattan Wreath
Accessories: 4 candles, natural dry and artificial materials, such as: cinnamon, pine cones, dried oranges, hay, artificial apples & berries, glass bulbs, decorative ribbons etc.

DECEMBER Lesson: "Christmas Centerpiece"

Receptacle: plastic plate , 1/2  Floral Foam Brick
Flowers: Rose, Skimia, Blackberry Branches, Illex, Hypericum
Greens: Spruce, Holly
Accessories: Apples, Cinnamon Sticks, Pine Cones and Candles

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