Thursday, May 27, 2010

My first lesson 25 May 2010

The florist I am working for is the owner of the Flower School as well. Above proffesional long term courses in all levels, school provides also Monothematic Lessons, dedicated to florists begeiners as well as amateurs. Every month there is another theme, chosen according to the feast, season, etc. In May 2010 I gave the first lesson. May is the month of Peony so the subject was: Nido di Peonie (The Nest of Peony) below you can see arrangements of my firts two enthusiastic students!

Receptacle: rattan basket covered with salim , 1/2 Floral Foam Brick
Flowers: Peony, Hortensia, Rose, Celosia, Cimbidium
Greens: Aralia, Ruscus, Aspidistra, Strelizia Stem, Steel Grass

Saturday, May 15, 2010

First works in Rome April/May 2010

Set of fresh spring arrangements for one of the first Roman events I was working on. Team work.

Receptacle: round plastic plate/bowl, 2 Floral Foam Bricks, all covered with Aspidistra leaf (as a border) and closed with a robe
Flowers: Tulip, Freesia
Greens: Aspidistra, Ruscus, Pittosporum, Steel Grass

Spring Wedding Arrangement. Team work.

Receptacle: round mirror, glass sphere and small glass bowls
Flowers: Tulip, Viurnum
Greens: Steel Grass

Ice Cubes for one of the dinners at Open Colonna in Rome
19 May 2010. Tem Work.

Receptacle: square mirror, glass cube
Flowers: Dendrobium
Accessories: Floral Gel, Decorative Sand