Saturday, May 15, 2010

First works in Rome April/May 2010

Set of fresh spring arrangements for one of the first Roman events I was working on. Team work.

Receptacle: round plastic plate/bowl, 2 Floral Foam Bricks, all covered with Aspidistra leaf (as a border) and closed with a robe
Flowers: Tulip, Freesia
Greens: Aspidistra, Ruscus, Pittosporum, Steel Grass

Spring Wedding Arrangement. Team work.

Receptacle: round mirror, glass sphere and small glass bowls
Flowers: Tulip, Viurnum
Greens: Steel Grass

Ice Cubes for one of the dinners at Open Colonna in Rome
19 May 2010. Tem Work.

Receptacle: square mirror, glass cube
Flowers: Dendrobium
Accessories: Floral Gel, Decorative Sand


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