Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 2010

21 Rose Bouquetes for one of the dinners at Open Colonna in Rome

Receptacle: round mirror, glass sphere, floral foam bouquet holders
Flowers: Roses
Greens: Aspidistra, Steel Grass

Ethnic Dry Arrangement:
Receptacle: ceramic cube, 1/4 floral foam
Accessories: rattan bowl, white rattan rope, pines, exotic dry elements

Green Fresh arrangement:
Receptacle: square platic plate, 1 Floral Foam Brick covered with Strelizia Stems, blocked with pearl pins and ribbon
Flowers: Viburnum, Dianthus, Skimmia
Greens: Streliazia Stem, Pittosporum, Steel Grass

And my second lesson: June's Summer Theme - Marine Arrangement
This time three students were learning how to make fresh floral arrangement using color floral foam, roses, shells and seastars, branches, thread based candle-holders:

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