Thursday, January 20, 2011

20 January - Lesson - Preserved Roses & Shola Flowers

Today I had another lesson with 5 female students, they were learning how to make a Dry Flower Arrangement using Preserved Roses, Stabilized Hortensia, Dried Silver Brunia and Handmade Shola Flowers: Shola Belly and Shola Kamal.

Natural roses are preserved with a glycerine based solution (glycerin is a natural, non-toxic, vegetable by-product), together with natural food dyes. The preservation process stabilizes the color and leaves them looking and feeling, as fresh as the day they were picked. Preserved flowers are ideal for decoration, provided that they are not exposed to water as they may, like fresh flowers, shed some of their color if they become wet.

Shola Flowers (also known as Sola Flowers) are handmade flowers made  from Tapioca Wood /  Sola Tree (Sano Hang KhaiTree), which is harvested in the Mansoon period in India. Sola wood is cut in pieces in the shape of the petals. It is a very soft wood which makes easy to string them together with a needle to make natural garlands and rose balls for decoration, an entirely natural handmade paper product.


To know more about Shola Flowers click here. For Preserved Flowers check here.

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